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Virtually unlimited design flexibility with valure™

Welcome to the new world of design! Trends are becoming more short-lived and requirements for individualization, a high degree of design flexibility, brand protection and appealing surface touch are increasing. This results in the need for manufacturing and finishing options that offer maximum flexibility for you and your products. The answer is valure™.

valure™ allows unlimited design freedom through a laser-engraved mold with design opportunities ranging from perfect interpretations of natural surfaces to innovative presentations of technical textures and designers’ own creations combined with unique soft touch effects and the possibility of color matching. Our technology also supports brand protection as small, almost invisible logo features can be built into the design to address counterfeit challenges.

Turn trends into reality in next to no time, make your brand unique, and charge your products with emotions. Match the design of your packaging perfectly to the surface finish of your product – it will make the purchase of a designer piece a special experience. Find out about the whole new world of design options!  A unique look, a unique touch: valure paves the way to the modern world of design 

valure™ design gallery

Experience the virtually limitless facets of design and individualization that are possible with valure™ and get an idea of the bandwidth of designs and colors that are possible. Our design gallery should provide a first overview of options that valure™ can offer you and should stimulate your creativity to decide on your own customized design in your desired color.