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NovaFlex leaf – Sustainable transfer coating with natural look and soft touch

Velvety soft and natural as a leaf, NovaFlex leaf is a combination of recycled textiles and waterborne coating. Its touch and feel is as velvety as a soft leaf. Thanks to its translucence, its optics also remind of the fine graining of a leaf held against the light.

Key Product Features

  • Environmentally friendly due to recycled materials
  • Natural optical & haptic properties thanks to lasered textures
  • Applicability even for small lot sizes thanks to flexible texture production
  • Air permeability makes it ideal use for shoes or seats
  • Possibility of spray injection of the reverse-coated substrate thanks to high temperature resistance
Martin Wilhelmer
Martin Wilhelmer
Business Management

Novaflex leaf offers the possibility to use recycled fabrics for various products and articles – decorated with an appealing coating that upvalues the textiles and makes them easy to process. NovaFlex leaf hits the spirit of time. Due to the recycled material and the water borne coating its production causes only low VOC emissions and makes it possible to decorate various products with a sustainable substrate.

Customer Benefits

  • Upcycling with a water borne coating
  • Coating fascinates with a unique organic look and a smooth touch
  • Velvety soft and natural as a leaf
Make-up bag with NovaFlex leaf

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