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NovaFlex NUO - a revolution in the material world

NovaFlex NUO is a flexible and breathable material made of wood and microfiber. Its soft-touch surface delights the user with its high-quality, velvety feel and smooth versatility. It can be processed like a textile, and offers many applications in the automotive, furniture, shoe and fashion industries. 

The product combines two innovative technologies: our haptic NovaFlex valure™ coating and a very flexible and sustainable wood carrier material from NUO GmbH. This high-quality veneer from sustainable forestry is bonded to a textile backing and then lasered. The fine engraving gives the wood surface its flexibility. A microfiber coating on the back contributes to a high durability.

The interaction of the leather-like wood-textile composite material NUO and the unique coating technology NovaFlex valure™ offers architects, planners and designers endless possibilities for designs with an extraordinary appearance.

Important features and functions

  • Very flexible material

  • Sustainable and vegan

  • Unique look and feel

  • Available in four trendy colors

  • Permeable to air

  • High abrasion resistance

  • Many applications in the fields of automotive interior, footwear, fashion and furniture

Fabienne Hoppe

Fabienne Hoppe

Functional Coatings - Haptic

NovaFlex NUO

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