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NovaCoat-P – highly elastic soft touch coating with unique and premium look

The highly elastic soft touch coating NovaCoat-P is suitable for many flexible substrates – including various kinds of foams,  thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), 3D-printed objects and synthetic leathers, providing color, soft touch handle feeling and matte appearance.

Key Product Features

  • Advanced water-based formulation 
  • Good adherence properties on different substrates
  • High elasticity and high flexibility 
  • High mechanical properties: abrasion resistance, UV and hydrolysis protection
  • Close to color trend with an unlimited number of colors and effects
Vincent Wang
Dr. Vincent Wang
Functional Coatings - Haptic

NovaCoat-P has a low VOC and low-odor formulation using pigmentation which is based on recycled or natural materials, making it a sustainable coating solution for various substrates. With our extensive expertise, we can offer innovative colors and effects, such as iridescent colors, reflective colors, even thermochromic color effects and many more. Besides the broad color range, our coatings can provide multiple functionalities including anti-dirt, anti-slip, reflection and more.

NovaCoat-P can be applied in single-layer paint systems. Some substrates can even be coated without applying any pre-treatment product. The paint system is suitable for spraying or dipping processes and can be applied manually used in an automated process.


Customer Benefits

  • Color objects with sustainable coating solution
  • Protect and enable your products with unique touch and design 
  • Reliable high quality
  • Comprehensive service by global setup and local support with strong expertise

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