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Highly elastic soft touch coatings for footwear, furniture and vehicle interiors

Under “Functional Coatings – Haptic”, BASF develops and markets innovative coating technologies for highly flexible substrates. Uses include shoes, vehicle interiors and furniture. These technologies set new standards in design opportunities, customization and process optimization, which helps our customers create innovative and unique products. 

Our customers need to protect, functionalize and color flexible substrates, such as foams, and our expertise in paint formulation, application, color development and process integration help them do it. We partner up with our customers, we understand their current and future needs and help them differentiate and optimize themselves.

Simon Winzen
Simon Winzen

Simon Winzen

Head of Functional Coatings - Haptic

NovaCoat-P is a highly elastic soft touch coating with unique haptic and mechanical properties. This coating is suitable for many flexible substrates – including foams and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) used in the footwear industry. It can also be used to refine 3D-printed objects. This paint system offers formulations that are suitable for spray application or dip coating.

Key Features

  • High elasticity

  • High mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance, UV- and hydrolysis protection

  • Good adherence properties when the coated object is further processed

  • Can be applied in manual or automated processes

  • Applicable in single-layer paint systems – without pre-treatment or primer

  • Unlimited number of colors and effects

Vincent Wang

Dr. Vincent Wang

Functional Coatings - Haptic

NovaCoat-D is the unique combination of  in-mold coating and release coating. Besides its demold properties, the coating provides additional functionalities like the protection against sunlight, scratches and dirt. Similar to conventional release agents, this coating is sprayed into molds before polyurethane foam is injected. This can be done either manually or automatically, at the customer’s usual cycle times. Uses include the production of shoes, steering wheels or furniture.


In addition to optics and haptics, this coating can also be used to achieve numerous other features

  • High flexibility (up to 300,000 test cycles)

  • High mechanical properties such as abrasion resistance, UV- and hydrolysis protection

  • Improvement of the flow properties of the PU foam -> foam defects are being avoided

  • Can be applied in manual and automated processes

  • Broad range of colors and effects

Silvia Nunes Venancio

Silvia Nunes Venancio

Functional Coatings - Haptic


NovaCoat-D – impressions of the application

Get first impressions about how NovaCoat-D is applied at DESMA’s round table process.


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NovaFlex valureTM is our line of reverse-coated substrates which can achieve unique optical and haptic properties by combining paint formulation, texture and carrier material. This technology offers a wide range of possibilities, whether it’s leather optics, technical structures or velvety surfaces. The final product is used for shoes, bags, vehicle interiors and furniture. Haptics, optics and performance of leather, paper, microfiber, textiles and other materials can be customized and optimized with this coating.


Key properties

  • Unique optical & haptic properties thanks to lasered textures

  • Applicability even for small lot sizes thanks to flexible texture production

  • Air permeability makes it ideal use for shoes or seats

  • Possibility of spray injection of the reverse-coated substrate thanks to high temperature resistance

  • Unlimited number of colors, effects and textures

Martin Wilhelmer

Martin Wilhelmer

Functional Coatings - Haptic



Fashion trend life cycles are becoming ever shorter, so delivering unique and resistant surfaces is key. Requirements for individualization, a high degree of design flexibility, product design brand identity and an appealing surface texture are increasing.

We have developed several technologies for responding to these customer requirements.

valure™ is the perfect footwear solution for combining efficiency with unprecedented design and personalization, thus delivering a whole new customer experience.

Using valure™ cuts time and resources in the production processes because the design consists of one piece instead of several knitted parts, as is usually the case in shoe production.

In addition to valure™, we are developing other technologies for coating shoe soles before and during the manufacturing process that also offer new design possibilities. A great variety of colors combined with better properties of the sole has motivated us to continuously refine our products.


Automotive interiors

Automotive interiors must be robust and appealing at the same time. With valure™, we can meet both requirements. The polyurethane surfaces are wear-resistant, dirt-repellent and highly water-, sweat- and oil-resistant.

The laser-structured surface, available in a wide variety of textures, leaves nothing to be desired and features outstanding design flexibility.

Other recently developed coating technologies allow coloring and functionalization during the manufacturing process of molded foam vehicle parts.



Our transfer coating is a technology we use to create laser-structured surfaces that offer nearly limitless freedom for designing haptics and textures ranging from soft to hard touch, leather grain a velvet appearance, as well as geometric patterns and impressions.

Our technology is well-suited for use in combination with leather, fabric, paper or plastic without impairing the breathability of the material. This helps achieve surfaces with a distinctive character that are soft, warm to the touch, and offer attractive designs. The polyurethane surfaces are resistant to wear and tear, soiling, and are highly water-, sweat- and oil-resistant. valure™ not only protects surfaces, but also makes them more attractive.

It’s a difference you can feel.


NovaFlex valureTM 

Experience the virtually limitless facets of design and individualization that are possible with valure™.

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NovaFlex leaf

Velvety soft and natural as a leaf – reverse-coated recycled textiles with velvety touch and feel

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NovaFlex NUO

Flexible and breathable material made of wood and microfiber with a soft-touch surface 

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Functional Coatings for Concept Car RN 30

BASF and Hyundai Motor present an impressive showcase of emotion and technical substance: The concept car RN30 combines key solutions from the chemical industry with purposeful aerodynamic design and specialized high-performance technologies. BASF contributes significantly to the concept with lightweight plastics, endless possibilities in design as well as durable and eco-friendly materials like our new functional coatings. 

For example, the seats are equipped with BASF’s technology NovaFlex valure™. The coated surface remains breathable and feels soft. The roll bar is coated with the highly elastic soft touch coating NovaCoat-P.