Textile, Leather & Footwear

Highly elastic soft-touch coatings for footwear, furniture and vehicle interiors

Under “Functional Coatings – Haptic”, BASF develops and markets innovative and sustainable coating technologies for highly flexible substrates. Uses include shoes, vehicle interiors and furniture. These technologies set new standards in design opportunities, customization and process optimization, which helps our customers creating innovative and unique products that contribute to more sustainability.

Our customers need to protect, functionalize and color flexible substrates, such as foams, and our expertise in paint formulation, application, color development and process integration help them do it. We partner up with our customers, we understand their current and future needs and help them differentiate and optimize themselves.

Simon Winzen

Head of Functional Coatings – Haptic

Simon Winzen
Simon Winzen
Head of Functional Coatings - Haptic

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Functional Coatings for Concept Car RN 30

BASF and Hyundai Motor present an impressive showcase of emotion and technical substance: The concept car RN30 combines key solutions from the chemical industry with purposeful aerodynamic design and specialized high-performance technologies. BASF contributes significantly to the concept with lightweight plastics, endless possibilities in design as well as durable and eco-friendly materials like our new functional coatings. 

For example, the seats are equipped with BASF’s technology NovaFlex valure™. The coated surface remains breathable and feels soft. The roll bar is coated with the highly elastic soft touch coating NovaCoat-P.