Fresh colors, fresh air.

HydroBlue® 92 is always authentic.

As the inventor of the original Hydrosulfite in 1904, we have massively improved on our heritage and are very proud to present the all-new first-choice dyeing product for leading suppliers of premium denim brands.

Due to its long-term stable, odorless, and dustfree dithionite content of 92 %, it offers consistent dyeing quality, reliability, and efficiency, comes with less impurities and leads to less dosage, combined with safer handling compared to our existing product variants.

Finally, quality-oriented customers around the world seeking process stability and best yield in dyeing application do not need to look any further.


Your Benefits

  • 92 % dithionite
  • Outstanding stability
  • Consistent dyeing quality
  • Odorless
  • Dustfree
  • Less impurities
  • Contains at least 200 times less SO2 than the standard formate-based Hydrosulfites available on the market