HydroBlue® 90

As the inventor of the original Hydrosulfite in 1904, BASF has massively improved heritage with the all-new first-choice dyeing product for leading suppliers of premium denim brands.

With long-term stable, odorless, and dust-free dithionite content of 90%, HydroBlue® 90 offers unparalleled consistent dyeing quality, reliability and efficiency, combined with safer handling.


Pad-spray-steam dyeing of VAT with HydroBlue® 90 and RotaSpray technology

Sodium dithionite is a reducing agent, added in the yarn dyeing process with the indigo before denim fabric is made. The stable sodium dithionite content of HydroBlue® 90 products ensures an even steadier and more consistent dyeing effect on the yarn to minimize off-specification products along the value chain.

The quality of Hydrosulfite is one of the most important factors for denim manufacturers because faults in denim dyeing are difficult to detect until the jeans have been produced. The quality of denim largely depends on the quality of the Hydrosulfite reducing agent and indigo used.

BASF is currently the only company in the world to product Hydrosulfite in an improved formate process. This help denim manufactuers to achieve the highest consistent product quality and stability.

HydroBlue® 90 was certified with high level of stability. Comparing to other grades, HydroBlue® 90 is the most stable Hydrosulfite on the market with extra long shelf life of at least two years.

Throughout the value chain, HydroBlue® 90 offers unique improvements and benefits to customer across different areas of responsibility.

The indigo-dyed yarn may appear more greenish, reddish, dull or pure depending on the ration of sodium dithionite and caustic soda. The smallest variation in terms of sodium dithionite content can affect dyeing results, such as ring dyeing, fastness, and color fixation. With the stable sodium dithionite content in HydroBlue® 90, consistent dyeing results are ensured to reproduce the same shade.